Angela Rotondo

Nature, plants, flowers. My love for florals is a seed that I’ve been nurturing since I was 5 years old helping my mom in the garden. ‘The pokey little puppy’ is how my family would often refer to me, always stopping to smell the next bloom. Appreciative of the feelings it provoked—a feeling that would stay with me well into my adulthood before sprouting again in 2016.

My draw to floral arrangements grew like a flower from concrete, towards the fulfillment of heart and soul, no longer willing to be muted. I’d catch myself speaking my dreams aloud to co-workers in passing, playing with brand names in my head, envisioning my floral business. I gravitated to any learning opportunity, signing up for floral classes and, in some cases, teaching some as well. I grew to know the ins and outs of speaking through floral arrangements, understanding the language of the flowers, and how they convey a message. My love bloomed back, and just like that, I went from corporate briefs to floral wreaths.

Bloom Back Flowers was born of a passion for florals and a deep desire to understand. Every event, every person, every small celebration has its own unique meaning. Its own vibe. I work to understand each distinct ambiance and embody it through a curated floral experience.

About Bloom Back Flowers

To bloom back is to persevere, grow back stronger, to reach for more. Bloom Back Flowers uses a diverse collection of premium stems and everyday flowers to help clients translate their vision into a floral experience—turning minimal words into a full-bloom story. 

Recognized as Rhode Island Monthly’s BEST in 2021, we specialize in crafting custom, whimsical designs. Our floral creations embody the essence of blooming back, showcasing opulent blooms and unconventional designs that resonate with each individual and milestone. Whether it’s a wedding, baby or bridal shower, anniversary, birthday, graduation, or a solemn farewell at funeral services, we provide a comprehensive range of services. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ease your workload by coordinating with venues and vendors, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Tailor your next floral arrangement to reflect your desired energy—let Bloom Back Flowers articulate your story through the enchanting language of flowers.